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Product - Dip Pipes


Dipflon spargers are ideal for steam entrainment or other applications where diffusion of the process fluid is desired. The bottom section of the sparger is an integral part of the encapsulating PTFE liner. It is designed to provide a radial spray that can be tailored to your exact requirements. Spargers can be drilled to your specification; number and diameter of holes, distance from the end of the tube and length of drilled section can all be specified.
If not otherwise specified the drilling shown in table below is provided.

Dip Pipes

Description: Lined C.S. pipes & spargers with inside & outside linings as per customers requirement.
Sizes Available: 25 NB to 100 NB and length as per requirements
Lining Materials PTFE

Normal Size Length Hole Number Hole Diameter Hole Spacing Angle
1 5 16 1/4" 1.02 60°
1*1/2 6 16 3/8" 1.25 60°
2 3 32 3/8" 1.25 60°
3 8 40 1/2" 1.38 60°
4 10 64 1/2" 1.77 60°