Product - Antistatic PTFE Lined Pipe Fittings

Every Year there are unfortunate chemical plant accidents caused through the ignition of flammable chemicals. One of the key reasons is the discharge of an electrical spark generated through static charging.

Dip-Flon Engineering and Co. has been successfully manufacturing flow control products using fully fluorinated polymers-PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy)

However with a volume resistivity in excess of 1016 Ω cm, they are capable of resisting conductive discharge.

Therefore if static dissipation is a requirement another piping system may be required. Any charge that builds up on the bores of the liners can reach voltages that can discharge through the process media, creating a spark.

DipFlon Manufactures lined pipes and Fittings in Static Dissipating Materials. The PTFE AND PFA used both contains static dissipating agents, also known as antistatic properties. These materials are made in such a way as to allow potentially dangerous electrical charges to pass from the medium being conveyed within the piping system through to a safe earthling point via the metal pipe.

Moreover the chemical resistance, temperature/vacuum rating and mechanical strength, remains unchanged by the electrical properties of the PTFE and PFA. The conducting agent in the lining material is stable, not subject to chemical attack and will not leach into the process medium.